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2002 C5 and Z06?

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Anyone have info? I have heard 400/400 for C5 and 425/425 for Z06, anyone else heard anything diff? Anyone know when they are coming out?
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The only "RUMOR" I've heard is 405/405 for the Z06 and a slight bump for the Coupe/Verts......

On 2001-03-30 11:04, cyaford spewed forth this drivel:
The only "RUMOR" I've heard is <Coupe/Verts......

You are RIGHT ON!!!:)<405/405 for the Z06>!!!!!!!!
I have also heard 425/425 for the ZO6 and i have heard 365 for the coupe/vert.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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