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2002 order # ??

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I have seen several post on here about people actually ordering a 2002 Z. I have seen Order letters (a series of letters instead of #s) even a 1-800 # to call and get a build date with those letters. I am very confused, so I go to my salesman where I have a deposit for my 2002 Z..he says he has no idea what I am seeing, but he is not able to order, he can take a deposit, but thats it! Can anyone clear this up for me...Is it because I am in Az?
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Find a dealer that knows what the hell is going on. I have an order #DHHHSC, and a build date of week of June 25. Sounds like your dealer doesn't have an allocation for you or he's just full of it. Either way, I suggest you find another reputable dealer and give them a call. Just some friendly advice from someone whos been there /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I would definitely recheck your info. I've seen bunches of order #'s and have one myself. I posted the 800 to the General. If you call them with an order #, they can tell you the build week, etc. I did!! I'm like Agent, build date -> week of June 25th. I'd start asking some serious questions at your dealer and if you don't get the right answers, find another one. Last thing you want to do is play around with some dum-dum and then up missing the boat. Just some friendly advice.
Guys......All Corvettes being built the week of June 25th "normally" go to GM headquarters...then they are off 2 weeks for vacation...after that(July 16th)..production kicks in for we "small timers"....What I am reading here so far,is,everybody is getting a build date of June 25th from the 1-800#.
If I am wrong here...more power to you early birds on getting your Z's around the middle of July!!
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