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2002 vs. 2001

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I just read (with interest) all of the June 20th press releases from Chevrolet Communications regarding the 2002 Z06. I read them twice and even went so far as to make a telephone call (my dime).
The "infamous" 2.2 mile road course that has the 120mph straightaway, 90mph sweeping curves and 40mph hairpins. 2002 Z06 vs. 2001 Z06 ....1/2 second faster.
0-60 times(their figures) 2001: 4.0 2002: 3.9
1/4 mile: 2001: 12.6 @114 2002: 12.4 @116
The most interesting item (in my opinion) was the direct interview with Sam Winegarden who is the chief engineer for GM Powertrain small block team. He was asked..For '02 the LS6 increased 20 HP. Why didn't you give that last year when the LS6 was introduced? His response; blah, blah, blah...'we're still not selling wine here before it's time'. still comes down to one thing... better breathing. Increasing the volume of air in and out of the engine.
I, for one, am certainly not running to my local Chevy dealer to trade in my 2001 Z06. On the other hand...had I known this before buying my 2001 I would have waited. GM only lets their secrets out to major magazines to make money...not to their loyal customers. Hell, Autoweek knew this in their April 16 issue. My dealer said that it was simply speculative. Of course, this same dealer, still has no specs from GM on his computer as of today. He should call Autoweek. Or better yet, just ask us on this forum.
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I have to agree that Chevrolet dealers, as a whole, don't add much value when representing
the automaker of the vehicle. Frankly, I found out more about what was coming in 2002 in the Z06 from this forum in about an hour than I could ever hope to gleen from all the 5000+ Chevy dealers thoughout the country, as a whole, including those that are heavily allocated new model Corvettes.

Even now, after the "official" press release, most dealers are still virtually clueless. I find this to be disconcerting and very much resent the expectation (from most dealers) that the customer should blindly reward them by paying high markups on these vehicles.

Why? What do these dealers do to add any real value?

I find this problem to be rampant among all Chevy dealers who sell new Corvettes and frankly I think the vast majority of them worth a damn.

Heck, even months into the new model year, most dealers will not even have a new model Corvette brochure to show you (or a video) and many will still be clueless what the new features (and options) are in the car, yet the high markups remain just the same.

Something really stinks in American business when so little is provided by way of product knowledge and available customer services, yet so much is expected in return by these dealers and so-called service provider.
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