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2002 vs. 2001

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I just read (with interest) all of the June 20th press releases from Chevrolet Communications regarding the 2002 Z06. I read them twice and even went so far as to make a telephone call (my dime).
The "infamous" 2.2 mile road course that has the 120mph straightaway, 90mph sweeping curves and 40mph hairpins. 2002 Z06 vs. 2001 Z06 ....1/2 second faster.
0-60 times(their figures) 2001: 4.0 2002: 3.9
1/4 mile: 2001: 12.6 @114 2002: 12.4 @116
The most interesting item (in my opinion) was the direct interview with Sam Winegarden who is the chief engineer for GM Powertrain small block team. He was asked..For '02 the LS6 increased 20 HP. Why didn't you give that last year when the LS6 was introduced? His response; blah, blah, blah...'we're still not selling wine here before it's time'. still comes down to one thing... better breathing. Increasing the volume of air in and out of the engine.
I, for one, am certainly not running to my local Chevy dealer to trade in my 2001 Z06. On the other hand...had I known this before buying my 2001 I would have waited. GM only lets their secrets out to major magazines to make money...not to their loyal customers. Hell, Autoweek knew this in their April 16 issue. My dealer said that it was simply speculative. Of course, this same dealer, still has no specs from GM on his computer as of today. He should call Autoweek. Or better yet, just ask us on this forum.
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On 2001-06-27 12:03, bsteinhagen spewed forth this drivel:
I agree with you entirely...for a driver on the street tne 2001 is more than enough car.

By the way--Who is your dealer?

My dealer is Jerry's Chevrolet in Leesburg. I have a great relationship with them and they are still truly a "small town dealer" and actually greet you like a family member when you "pop in". They have 2 great mechanics but the Z06 is still a "UFO" to most.
DSINNED: You are absolutely correct throughout your entire commentary. The one point that I have been attempting to make is that the dealer is not informed by GM as to what is happening in his market-place or about product. My dealer readily and honestly says that he learns more from me than from GM. My complaint is with GM. I begged GM (not my dealer) for some information regarding the 2002 Z06 before I bought my 2001. I had read a magazine article in late March (Autoweek) describing the 2002 Z06; it even had a picture showing the car in Electron Blue. GM knows nothing! The article makes reference to "inside sources at GM". I buy my 2001 Z06.
When do I find out that the magazine information is correct?.....when I buy the latest issue of Autoweek. My dealer still does not have prices or specs and GM still will not talk. I have placed 7 calls to GM and 3 e-mails. I have never received a return call from HQ and receive generic e-mail responses only from people who do not even know what a Z06 is. They too only know what GM puts onto the system. They (GM) "sells" their inside information to magazine publishers who make millions of dollars from us; the same people who end up paying GM for their new cars. We are simply being left out of the "food chain".
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