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2002 Z-06?

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I just spoke to a dealer today about a 2002 Z-06. He told me there would not be any 2002 Z-06's and that the Z-06 was only going to be made for model year 2001. Id this true? I thought there would be a 2002 Z-06 with 405 hp. What is going on? If there is not going to be a 2002, then I will go get a 2001 this weekend, but if there is going to be a 2002 I will wait on those. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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God I hope 2001 was the last year for the Z06, also I would find it very hard to believe that GM would take almost five years to come out with the LS6, then change to an LS7 the very next year, I say more HP on 2002 Z06 possible, LS7? no way .

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