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Hi, I’m Brian going through a midlife crisis!>:) I am hoping to look at a stock 2002 Z06 with 130,500 miles. Is there any concerns you folks would have with this much mileage? Anything specific I need to look for this year?
I am open to recommendations. I am an experienced mechanic so I am looking for specifics for this model.

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1. Ask how old the O2 sensors are
2. How old the 2 CATs are
3. last time engine was de-carb'd
4. Age of fuel filter/regulator
5. Age of sparkplugs
6. Are they the original fuel injectors
7. when all oils/fluids/coolant changed
8. How old are brake rotors and pads
9. age of clutch
10. Due to valve springs problem for that year, did they need to be replaced
11. check for any tranny or half shaft leaks
12. check that seats do not rock on mount rails
13. check crank pulley bolt is not loose, bitch to replace that TTY bolt

any of these could be simple corrections ( except clutch and valve springs)
getting parts for C5s are getting harder to find.

Keep in mind the use of E10 and now also E15 fuels degrades some of the above.
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