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I'm selling both of my corvettes :sad: I've been on the forum since 1999, and will be returning with a highly modified Z06 (when my landscaping is done).

2002 Z06:
The car is STOCK. Every option.
GMPP through 76k miles and 2008.
38,000 miles
Looks & Drives like new.
Clean title in hand.
There is a little curb rash on the rims (you can see the worst of it in the pictures).

UPDATED: More pictures added, taken after wash and Zaino ;)
Two things I forgot.
1. There is a 3/4" tear in the drivers seat. I'm adding a picture I just took (in the dark).
2. The exhaust is painted black. I'm adding a picture I just took (in the dark).

I have some flexability in the price for a quick sale, I prefer local or please set up your own transport.

Let me know if there are any questions.


Click Here for Carfax Dated 2/19/05

Click Here to see More Pictures

Click here to see more pics
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