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so far after 814 miles and 2 weeks of ownership:

1. Red/Clear Export Taillights... look great IMO especially w/ Quicksilver

2. Rear Cargo Cover... carpet not an exact match but cuts down on noise and hinged door is very practical

3. Passenger Airbag, Steering Wheel, and Door Sill Decals in Red... really liven up the interior in a tasteful manner I think

4. B&M Ripper w/ Brushed Aluminum Shift Knob... best mod outta the bunch by far! If you make one mod... make it this one! Trust me :smile: Night and day in the difference here between stock... :grin:

5. Lowered to factory minimum settings... perfect for my everyday driving needs

6. CAGS defeat... another must have in my book!

7. Magnetic oil plug, oil change w/ Ultraguard Filter... performed at 526 miles

8. Zaino... yes it works as promised :grin:

All until next week...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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