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2002 z06

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does anyone have any info on the 2002 z06, as far as pricing or any other changes. I have one ordered but can not get any info Canada seems to be in the dark.
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Yes I know what you mean.. I ordered mine in october it arrived feb 6th BUT the wait was worth does 12:52 @ 116.27 sound..Only mod is donldson filter....4 MIles quicker than my zr1 ran....I have also ordered a 01 and waiting for info...Figured i would trade the 01 for 02 with the improvements GM is making...FANTASTIK car PERIOD>>>
Info comes out 6/20.


PS. You got mail...
If you are a member of the C5 registry, they have all the info there.
Frank: Could you send me the info...Thanks
Forgot to say, "Welcome to the forum!!" /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif
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