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2002 ZO6

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Have you guys seen this link for the 2002 ZO6. If its true it will be for sure the "Best vette yet."

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I will be interested in seeing rwhp data for the 2002. If what I have been told is correct and you have about a 15% loss from engine to rear wheels, then the '01s at 342rwhp are 402HP. I have read and been told that even though GM published 385, it is more like 400 for the '01. If the '02 puts up 362rwhp, then they definitely got an extra 20HP.

If the changes are what they appear, it will not be compelling enough for me sell my '01 and get the '02. I am not excited by the blue nor the HUD. Now, if it was another 60rwhp, hmmmmmmm.

It sounds like the '01 & '02 will be very similar in most respects. I didn't see any mention of different interior choices. It is nice to see that there will be some obvious (to us anyway) visual differences between '01 & '02.

Has anyone heard any recent '01 Z06 production numbers. Did it make it to 4,000?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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