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2002 ZO6

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Have you guys seen this link for the 2002 ZO6. If its true it will be for sure the "Best vette yet."

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OK... lets try to put some of this into perspective... I think some of you out there may be confusing these details (Or I could be wrong)... But the only 'Real' Changes I see out of this list would be what I have *** next to them...

"Engine (LS6) Upgraded to 405 HP / 400 ft. lbs. Torque.
Previous Year--> New Air Cleaner
Previous Year--> New Mass Air Flow Sensor
***** Revised Valve Springs and Camshaft
***** Head Up Display (UV6) Made Standard Equipment on Z06.
Previous Year-->Z06 Gets Thinner, Lighter-Weight Front Windshield.
***** Z06 Front Fender Emblem Displays HP.
***** Could be new.. but they said '01 was different also... and proved to be the same.-->New High Performance Brake Pads -
***** Z06 Cast Aluminum Wheels Lighter by 0.15 kg Per Wheel.
(2001 was Forged Wheel)
***** This just says you cannot order them individually anymore. Driver Convenience Package (AAB) includes Memory Presets and Electrochromic Mirrors, Packaged Together As Optional Equipment on Z06 Hardtop.

So what do you guys think?
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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