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Does anyone know the

Positive Offsets for the stock rims?
Negative Offsets for the stock rims?
Clearance on the inside of front & rear tires?
Tire height?
Does Goodyear make a 12-13 inch wide race tire for a 19 inch rim?
If not, does an 18 inch rim in back work?
Is the bolt pattern the same for the C6 Z06 as the C5 Z06?

Current perplexed, by the unknown. The truth is out there.

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- Bolt pattern is the same.
- OEM C6 wheel sizes = 8.5x18 & 10x19
- OEM C6 Z06 wheel sizes = 9.5x18 & 12x19
- OEM C6 Z06 tire sizes = 275/35x18 & 325/30x18
- C6 & C6 Z06 wheelbase = 106"
- rear track of C6 is slightly narrower than C5
- C6 Z06 is 3" wider than C6
- There are currently NO 19" race tires available.
- Currently the C6 Z06 is classified in stock classes (+97)

Not sure on back spacing or offsets but C6 Z06 seems to have more backspacing than C5 Z06.

Timelines and dates you need to be aware of:
- C6 Z06 will not be Homologated for racing until January 1, 2006.
- Tire companies have until April 30, 2006 to introduce and produce new sizes of tires that could be used in SCCA competition in 2006. (For classes that require stock size wheels).

So you are about a year ahead of them. Most tire companies are still concentrating on this coming racing season and will worry about the C6 Z06 after October. They are currently trying to certify tires for this season by April 30th.

Some things that might happen:
- The SCCA will upclass the C6 Z06 out of stock classes.
- The SCCA will make allowances for using 18" tires on all 4 corners
- The SCCA has yet to address the introduction of the C6 Z06 into T1

Until these things are clarified, tire and wheel manufacturers are not going to make anything just yet.

As race tires loose their grip with age; you always want the latest manufacturing date on race manufacturing them now would be a waste of time and money as they couldn't be used until next year.
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