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I have an absolute gem to offer for sale. One of 85 or so C6 Z06 CE #14. A bunch of you know my car and have seen it in person. She has been totally babied her entire life. Still on original tires showing tread like new. Never abused or raced. Never even been driven hard. The original owner took delivery at the museum. I have had it for about 5 or 6 months. It is completely original and bone stock. The absolute only reason i will sell is because i bought a 2nd IO CE77 with some mods, of which i will add a few more to. Otherwise i believe it is borderline insane to sell what i think is one of the best cars ever made. There is truly a big difference between an average run of a mill older C6 Z06 and an IO CE. And don't get me wrong. I love the average run of the mill Z06. I have said it before and I'll say it again. I enjoy driving my CE more than my CGT. It is that good. It has every quality of a total champion. Good looks, rare at 252 ever made, incredible OEM performance and easily/cheaply upgradable, extremely inexpensive to maintain/fix, incredible power band, incredible shift feel, adjustable suspension, etc. I have tracked my old SSB CE and my current IO CE77, not the one for sale here. I have driven some of the worlds best cars on track. The C6 Z06 CE is a true marvel with its leaf spring suspension and all! The newest, most potent track monsters, 4X ++ the price have a HUGE problem keeping up on track with very skilled drivers behind the wheel. What more can i say. I feel like the CE cars will go to the moon. I find them superior to the heavier C7 ZR1. That car looks outrageous, and goes like stink in a straight line. I have driven a few the way God intended. But the CE truly feels at home on track. And if i want a car to look outrageous and go fast in a straight line, i will TT a new R8 or Huracan and smoke a C7 ZR1 in every dept other than stick shift. But to have a car score so off the charts in basically every single department does it for me. I daily drive my CE 77 and can also put a serious hurt on all the newest exotics on track while shifting manually! If i wasn't super invested in a ton of other business ventures among a whole lot of other expenses and incoming toys, i would surely keep this additional CE14. But i made my decision. It can go. I don't need 2. There is not another IO CE for sale at this given time. If i only had 1 IO CE, it would take 175k to take it away from me. Which is why i feel my asking price below is a steal. This car will get deep into the 6 figures in no time. I ran it on BaT and the buyers just weren't in the room. Please take a peek over there for all the detailed photos you'd ever need. Also if you're still not sure how i feel about CE, search and read all my comments on BaT. Lol m=email&utm_campaign=bat_bid_placed_sell er

I am in 0 rush to sell and i reserve the right to raise the price higher if i see another comp popping off higher. I will not do so if i engage with a serious buyer though. I have owned hundreds of expensive cars over my 21 years since i have had a drivers license and i operate clean and crisp and honest. But keep in mind if noone is on it i may increase the price anytime. My asking price right now is $115k OBO. I also don't think i will lower the price. If you are serious and want to chat and make an offer, worst i can do is say no. Please keep any negative comments about my asking price to yourself. I just truly believe they will be trading at 125k+ in very little time. I just saw Carrera GT go from 650k for a 10k mile to 1.1M in 6 months. Similar percentage increases will happen here too. Thank you for reading and i am available to chat anytime.

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