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2016 Corvette Z06 Coupe
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White Coupe with Carbon fiber hood treatment, red seats, black CF interior...
Glad to have you guys/gals as a valued resource, and I'm looking forward to contributing here!

Three things you need to know about me:
1. As architect: design and functional use is my critical component consideration. Always
2. I hate effusive BS. What I mean is this: My Z-06 is almost PERFECT. Sound, handling, performance and design.
I'm NOT a big fan of the new C-8, several reasons:
a. Too much like an NSX etc, all mid design configs. a turn-off. Yes, I understand WHY.
Been there, done that, driving it is worse.
b. C-8 too much of an "Asian Boy-Toy-Racer" IMAGE-wise. No problem. if you disagree.
c. departure from true and tried design evolution. C-8 is a fine automobile, JUST NOT FOR ME.
3. Need valid C-7 Z06 performance data, too much gossip on Youtube about performance upgrades that do not matter. My car sounds, looks perfect. Spending $1,800 on exhaust, X config. upgrades, just for 5 HP increase, and diff sound? Really? NO.
Now about cold air induction kits? New performance envelope enhancement chips? Too many choices! Which are really the most effective, with the 18% larger supercharger belt wheel? Yes, obviously costs matter here.

OK, now to my first request. I hate the four tube rear exhaust look, esp. since twins come out off the same muffler. I'd prefer an honest twin tube, three inch S/S pipe, one on each side. Any ideas? I like the new Camaro ZL1 rear twin square tubes, can I bolt those on to the rear of my pipes? Have any of you done this? Obviously no performance change.
anybody lowered seats that works? I'm 6'-04" 289 lbs...
Last idea: my new 295/335 19" & 20" rear Michelins Sport Pilots are "25" series ratios. Skinny sidereal RFs. I do NOT like RFs. I have heard both 35 series and 45 series tire ratios fit on my staggered rim sets!! Any clearance problems, rolling fender edges, etc? Done that?
- and finally, with lil' rubber beads/dust on my white sides, paint, I'm considering adding a 3" high strip, 'hockey-stick' the solid black paint shield- that then flares up over/in (front of back fender bulge) and over black side vent, similar to some older Porsche Carrera Turbo common black 'hockey stick' paint protectors... remember those? Anyone done this?
I will be blacking out the rollbar white paint strip between roof CF panel and rear window, shaded dark, just for consistent look. Thx for your advice...
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