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2YK Hardtop vs Z06 Question

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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum and will be getting a 2001 Torch Red Z06 in about six weeks.

I did have a Y2K Nassau Blue Hardtop, it was my first vette and I was really impressed with it's performance (minus the oil consumption issue), but I thought in the lower RPM range it lacked torque.

Is the Z06 (stock) really that much better in the lower RPM range or does it still leave you yearning for the low end torch only found in turbo cars?

Also, how do I get a hold on some Zaino?

Thanks all,

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The gear ratios are lower/better in the M12 than the MN6 of the will feel the greater torque just on that alone. Add the HP increase and there is a big difference. I have owned 3 C-5's previously. The Z is really a 'different' animal... and I mean the in the best sense of different.

Check a 'hcvone' post for Zaino...ask for the 'beer special'....just kidding Carl...there is no 'beer special'.
leave you yearning for the low end torch only found in turbo cars? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif

No offense but my experience has always been that turbo cars have no low end torque. You've got to get the turbos to spool up to get any performance out of them.

The different gearing and additional torque in the Z06 improves the low end significantly over a standard Corvette.
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Welcome to the Forum!!

I've had 3 '99 Hardtops. There was a huge difference in the torque and power of my 99's.

Some of the vendors carry Zaino as well as moderator Carl, (hcvone).

Frank Calmes Quicksilver 2001 Z06
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Get the Z06, period.
You will love it!

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Having owned 3 FRCs with 2 still in the stable with a Z06 I can honestly say the
I've got a 99 HT and an 01 Z06. In my opinion, these are the biggest differences in order of importance:

1. The Z06 has far, far superior stock tires. There is just no comparison.
2. Lower gearing on the Z06 is immediately noticable.
3. The lower gearing somewhat masks the extra HP and Torque, as there's less than a 10% increase. But it definately there.
4. The lighter weight is somewhat noticable, but I notice this more with braking and certain kinds of road handling than anything else.

Counterpoint: I find the the HT easier to slide through turns because it'll break loose easier. I miss the security of the EMTs. I miss the auto lock/unlock of the 99 HT. Sometimes it's nicer not to have to shift as much.
Picked up the Z06 Friday (5-4-01). 2 questions for the experts.
1. After 150 miles, I washed my car yesterday (quicksilver) and found little reddish/brown blemishes on the paint. In particular on the side mirrors and behind the wheels. They only come of with very agressive rubbing. Any idea on what this is?
2. I live in Calabasas CA. (near Malibu), and I want to add Harnesses, roll cage and fire ext. system. Any suggestions on who to use.
Thanks guys!!
Red specks could be rail dust. It is on most cars. Clay bars will usually do very well to remove it.

Good luck
Thanks. I don't think it's rail dust because it only on areas that are behind the wheels. Maybe I ran over some substance that's causing this?
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