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I came across this link today:

As you can see they offer a Kumho MX in a 335/30/18. And also several other sizes that are not listedon Kumho's webpage (see here:

I called this company (1010tires) and they said it was a new tire size and that Kumho was releasing several new tire sizes in their MX line. They also said they weren't available for another 3-4 weeks.

I called Tirerack, and I called Kumho USA, and neither of them knew anything about new sizes. However this may not mean anything. Neither of them actually 'checked' anything, just immediately told me that they were not making this size and had no plans to. The guy I spoke to 1010tires did some sort of checking and that's when he told me they were new and not available yet.

Anyone know anything about this? Not a lot of tire selection in 335/30/18 and I am in the market so I don't mind waiting a little bit for MXes. I have MX in smaller sizes and they are an excellent and fairly cheap tire too.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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