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01 Z06 dyno on 9-10-01 at 9:55 am 100.3 intake temp (dyno run at techodyne inc in tempe Arizona
480-804-9700) made 372.3 at 6100 rpm and 363.1 trq
at 5000rpm. This vette belongs to a customer of verdone performance inc .. only mods are
B&B Exhaust prt / B&B headers / Verdone Performance Off road only H pipe/ Verdone performance computer Program, donaldson air filter
verdone tested his with a stock air box and K/N filter found only 1.9 hp dif. You can call verdone
Performance inc at 480-423-9939 Or Call Techodyne
Inc . and we can fax you the dyno sheets. the dyno sheet show that Verdone,s program and Joe working
with B&B Performance has made HP to 6900 rpm 365.8
Remember you can tell the men from the boys by the performance of their toys. :cool: :guiness: :D :lol:

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Good info.. Can you post the actual dyno curves? I would love to see them, especially since the torque peak has moved up in RPM. A table of the
data would be best so I can import it directly into my simulator.

Has anyone conducted an analysis of the LS6 valve train to determine when valve float will become a problem? It would be very interesting to see what it should be capable of. Though I assume the stock springs are engineered in a tight envelope..

The drag race guys don't have to worry about this quite as much as the road race guys who may spend lots of time near the rev limit.


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hp graph before H Pipe

Frist run stock 1/01/01 3:48 pm 314.6 rwhp
321.9 tqt 2nd run B&B headers, Exhaust, Donaldson
3/28/01 3:07 pm 344.3 rwhp 340.5 tqr
3 rd run all of the above plus Verdones program
3/28/01 3:34pm 357.3 rwhp 350.7 tqt
4th run 9/10/01 9:55 am (also all intake temps on all runs were over 100 deg) 373.3 rwhp 363.1 trq
add H pipe from Verdone Performance. I can fax you the sheets (because I can't scan them because i don't know how until my wife shows me.) This thing runs so well that it will smoke the tires to 3rd gear. I am trying to get the owner to get on line
but he has no computer at home. But you can call techodyne and confirm with chris , he did all the runs there. He said all the Z06 he has run that this is the most hp he has seen. hope this helps

:cheers: :cool:

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The program changes timing fuel rev limit removes skip shift ect. We built the program for headers exhaust so we could leave in the o/2s and run our h pipe without using o/2 sims. The computer will adj to no cat headers air intake ect.
Remember you can't change hardware without reprograming software (trademark) j verdone
std program no mod 600.00 custom program 700.00
72 hr turnaround :cheers:
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