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I've broke 'em loose on the 3 to 4 shift/without powershifting, in competition mode and Active Handling off.

The only time I get the lag is when I am puttin' around in this godforsaken Houston traffic on the 1 to 4 shift back to stopped because someone drivin' a pile is tryin' to do 90mph and causes a wreck, but I digress.

I have never broke 'em on the 4 to 5. I have even tried hard. It just puts me in seat harder. Gotta LUV it.

Like HZO61, I was shiftin' at 6000 to 6300 revs. "BOOOOOYYAAAAAAA"-Stewart? Scott.

I'm with Ranger, invocation of AH/TC.

Agent ZO6, Aiken, South Carolina? What are you waitin' for, as long as it isn't snowin' or rainin' and the "BOYS" are at the donut shop 'let her breathe'.

I once thought about the "take care of it", "don't want to hurt it" school of thought. As long as you don't try to set any new records or anything this car was meant to be "DRIVEN" (haven't seen the movie yet) and you won't hurt it.

BTW Don't Drink and Drive either. That usually messes everything up. Not to mention you spill your drink.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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