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The car transport company that is delivering my '01 Z06 arrived at my home last night to pcik up the car. He had a fully enclosed 2 car goose neck trailer with one car already in it. This car was going to Denver for a Ferrari event. I asked the driver if I could take a peek at the "classic" Ferrari and he said sure. Not being very knowledgeable on vintage Ferrari's I asked him what model it was.....He replied " A 1956 Testarossa, TR250." I then asked if he knew the approximmate value, yes, about $4,000,000! HELLO! :eek: Did I hear him right? :eek:
Anyway, we proceed to load my little 'ol Corvette behind this drop dead gorgeous Ferrari and by this time (11pm) a neighbor lady comes out and asks what is going on....they are trying to sleep! Keep in mind this is an aluminum floored trailer and the guy is banging & clanging the tie down hardware!
He loads up, and is on his way to Denver!

Zippy :) :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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