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# 8,500 Miles
# ATI Supercharger w/Twin Intercoolers at 9psi boost
# Custom built forged bottom end with Diamond 9.5:1 dished blower pistons, Diamond forged rods, and crank. Balanced and blueprinted.
# Fully Custom Tuned by A&A Corvettes in Los Angeles, dyno tested at 607.1RWHP at only 9psi!
# Bottom end is good for 12psi+ and over 800 horsepower. I run it at 9psi for street use.
# Magnaflow High-Flow Cats
# 3-Pully Conversion (no belt slippage!)
# Racetronix Fuel Pump w/Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump and 60lb injectors
# Stainless Works Long Tube Headers
# CCW 3-Piece Forged 18x12 wheels w/Michelin Pilot Sport 335/30/18s rear, 275/35 fronts.
# Lowered 1" all around using the stock factory adjustments.
# Metal Rocker Panel Guards to protect over speedbumps.
# Front nose guard to protect the front spoiler.
# Entire interior lined with Koolmat to deaden sound, nearly as quiet as a Lexus!
# 7 Year/100,000 Mile Extended Warranty from GM (void on most of the drivetrain)

This car is being offered at a very very low price of $49,999.99 and it will not last long. Basically you'll be getting a 700hp Z06 with only 8.5k miles for about the same price as a stock Z06! Unbelieveable!!! Words cannot describe how fast this car is. Better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, or virtually any other supercar on the planet. Handling is the amazing stock Z06 which has become the benchmark against which all other sportscars are judged. When you put your right foot in it, you have virtually unlimited acceleration to the limits of available traction. I have not taken it to the racetrack, but 1/4 mile times should be deep into the 10 second range on these true street tires. The car easily walks away from Sportbikes like a Honda F4i (a 10 second bike). You will rarely, if ever, run into a faster vehicle on the street or racetrack. Email [email protected] with questions or offers, (650) 737-5476. The first cash offer will take the vehicle. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, the vehicle is available just about anytime for inspection and test rides. I'm also perfectly happy to give anyone a joyride just to experience the acceleration. Can ship the vehicle to anywhere in the United States if needed. VIN#1G1YY12S625107732. Note: The car passed smog in California last year. Financing can be arranged if needed, and the vehicle can be shipped virtually anywhere.
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