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The rain held off today and the sun came out to make for humid conditions. Sconi and Dan were there and John with his electron blue and Jim with his MY. Phil in his black Z was representing the Jersey owners. A fast quicksilver was also on track whose name I did not catch. There were a couple of C5's as well. Not too shabby a showing for a track day. Everyone ran well in their respective run groups with only one minor problem with Dans Camaro, a broken wheel stud. A great time was had by all.

Jim installing his bumbercam

Sconi's bad boy and Dan's SS

The usual suspects

Discussing the last session

Sconi trying to find more traction

Hey! stay away from my Corvette

John going into turn 11

Jim at speed

Sconi and the quick quicksilver

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Damm I miss those track days with that crowd, a lot of laughs, a lot of great track time. One day guys, I will be back for one of those events...

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