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I am going to sell one of these cars, if I can sell it quick enough. Both cars are black. The 01 has mod red interior.

1999: 27000 miles, excellent condition. Never raced or hit. Stock, and always has been. US $31,000.00 (Canadian car). All options with standard rims. HUD.

2001: 15000 miles, mostly from a 6000 mile trip to Florida, and a 3000 mile trip to Carlisle. Excellent condition. Never raced or hit.
US $40,000.00 (Canadian car).

Of course, either car will meet US requirements. I'm not overly familiar with bringing a car down there, but it shouldn't be an insurmountable task.

Reason for selling: My dealership has a nice Black 2002 ZO6 I can get if I get this done:eek:. Respond here or by email. Can send pics if there is any interest.
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