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If perchance you should drive down to ole racer road, you may answer a challenge, a dog-fight of old.
And so did it fall on me to defend, the flag and life of one true friend.
What once was the horse, now measured in so, as we count on their numbers, to fast make us go.
But still we must vector, bank, and roll, braking and breaking, taking its toll.
I taxied away from a stop at near idle, but spied on my tail, a great yellow idol.
With the name of a bull, no doubt a great rival, the unstoppable urge to fight was archival.
Accelerating now, I allow him to close, so there are no excuses when we turn up the "00's".
I slow temporarily for a couple left-turners, then "it's on", on this Sunday, so I turn up the burners.
Through three and four we dive and roar, my shadow clinging tight, and in my mind's eye, I begin to wonder, if I really have the might.
A straight or two, he plays peek-a-boo, assuring me he's there,
what was the wolf, is now the fox, or the hound to the hare.
I know I have but one chance left to deny my foe his kill, as I devise to brake late, and brake even later still.
"Brake here!" Says I, but I must wait, for this to work, don't hesitate.
Wait and wait-- at six grand I defend, braking at last! He'll hit my rear end!
But there was no crash and so I was left, with a corner to take, and a foe still to best.
Going in hot my eyes fell upon, the spot my body would probably land on,
but I steered quite true, braking all the way through,
feeling the frame flexing at last,
I glanced back at my foe, to see him hot too, and answered with a blast.
As I pulled away, I'd won the day, and with a wave we parted ways, and when darkness overcomes my mood, I am heartened by such days.
And so good-night and Merry Christmas to all of Saint Nick's-
favorite go-fast naughty list--Corvette z06.
Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas to all!


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Nice prose zteve!
Everyone have a great Christmas and New Year!
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