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Hope this isn't a dup, and I know others have expressed gratitude in some other threads, but I wanted to publicly thank 1fastdog for all the effort he's put into tracking order numbers, event codes and TPWs for us. I know this has got to be taking some time, but it is such a valuable service to those of us anxiously trying to track the progress of our orders.

This past Saturday morning, after months of waiting, 1fd reported my car at 3300 with a 9/3 TPW .. news which absolutely made my day, and has left me flying high. And I know of many others here who have had the same experience.

1fastdog, I wish I had some way to assist, but don't know how I could help. It's ironic that with a company the size of GM, it requires the efforts of a very few individuals who are dedicated to the car, to act as a link between the company and the clients. Guys like 1fd and Sonny and RAT (on the CF) who take their personal time and energy to help out their compatriots.

A big thanks to you, 1fd, and to all the others who bring value to, and to Corvette owners in general.
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