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Since the question comes up frequently in this forum, I thought I would post this. This is a compilation of my observations in running my car. From the first pass I ever made, up till I set my best pass to date of 11.933. If you have questions on what a Z is capable of, I hope that this will shed some light on what the car can do in anyone's (and I do mean anyone's) hands with a little bit of practice.

As soon as I can get my clutch issue squared way, I hope to get into the 11.80s now that the weather is turning cooler.

In just about any conditions a Z06 can run in the lows 12s with no sweat. In my first trip to the track I went a 12.7.

My car was dyno'd with 1100 mile son it at MTI it dyno'd 358 corrected HP. I have made 4 dyno pulls on the car two pulls on two separate occasions. The highest corrected number was 359 and the lowest was 357. So, my car isn't some factory ringer. It makes the same number everyone elses does.

Anyway, here is a logbook of my passes in my car. From the first to the fastest... You can also go back and search for my posts, as they are all in this forum...

Here is a copy of my first post on the car.

First Pass
I took my '02 Z06 to Houston Raceway Park to put some initial baseline passes last night. I picked it up Saturday, and had put 1100 miles on the car and made the first oil change, so I felt now was the time to go make the first shakedown pass. Due to oil downs and an emergency page from work I was only able to make one pass. But I was impressed.

The Z06 to me did not feel as fast as the clock showed when I picked up my timeslip. I think this is because the power comes on very smoothly and across more of the band than other small block cars I have driven. After just playing around on the street I figured the car to be a 12.90/107-108 ride bone stock, just by the seat of the pants feel.

I had driven a 98 Z28 with 400 miles on it (back in 98) and it went 13.09/107 bone stock. I was impressed then by the way the LS1 revved. The Z06 felt faster, but I wasn't sure how much. I went conservative on the first pass and left at 1100-1200 rpm since I didn't know how the car was going to hook on the stock radials.

I was racing a 2000 6speed TransAm on gas. My car bogged coming out of the hole since I left so easy, and the TransAM totally killed me. He missed third gear, and I was able to make up some ground, and he ended up beating me by about 2 car lengths.

When I picked up my timeslip I was fairly amazed. While it is obvious that there is a lot of room for improvement, as evidenced by some of ya'lls times, I felt alot better about the purchase of the Z after this.


60' ... 2.159
330 ... 5.610
1/8 ... 8.355
MPH ... 90.69
1000 ... 10.716
1/4 ... 12.716
MPH ... 111.41

Just in looking at the 60' times. I feel confident that I can get the car to a 1.8 - 1.9 60' time. Which would indicate to me that the car should go 12.20-12.30 bone stock. I am sure that there is some more time once I get a better feel for the shift points. The car seems to pull all the way to the rev limiter. I found last night playing around on the street that it was real easy to bump into the rev limiter.

All in all though, I am fairly pleased with what I have seen so far.

10-04-2001 09:54 PM


Here is my second trip to the track about a week later. It was hot outside, but I am also still getting a feel for the car.


Drag Racing part Deux
I was tempted to drive to SA and watch the Viper vs. Vette show, but instead decided to go to HRP and flog my '02 and do some much needed testing.

I managed to get in 5 passes in 2 hours. The car at this point is bone stock down to the stock paper air filter. I had intended to have a light load of fuel, but instead ended up having a full tank of gas.

My first pass was at around 7pm and the last was at 9:15. Temperatures ranged from 82 down to 78 and the humidity was high +90% (In short, the air sucked). I really was more concerend with working on my 60' times rather than quarter mile times, as I knew the car would probably drop off from the last time I ran it. I also intended to play with shift points, etc... and see what did and didn't work.

My first pass ever in the car a few weeks ago was leaving just off idle and resulted in a 2.15 60' time and a [email protected] the air was cooler and the humidity was lower, hence the higher trap speed.

Best pass last night was a 2.041 60' time [email protected]

Most everyone I talked with complained about the air quality, and how slow their cars were running. I raced a supercharged 93 mustang who beat me by two car lengths. He went an 11.88 @114 and complained because his trap speeds are sometimes as high as 121. I think he was ready to burn his car. He pulled me over and asked what my time was. I think he was mad because our race was so close, and he didn't pull on me on the big end. The he spotted the badges on the side of the car and went "OH, so thats a Z06, not just a regular 'vette" then he didn't feel so bad and put the can of gasoline and the ligher away and went to go get back int he staging lanes. I was playing with shift points on that pass and only went a 12.95 @110. Since he only beat me by 2 car lengths, I can only imagine how he would have felt on the next pass when the car went a 12.667 which would have put me one length in front of him. (I hate seeing mustang owners cry....)

Anyhow, a couple of observations. I am still working on getting a feel for the clutch. Best results so far have been to leave around 2000 rpm, slip the clutch and roll into the throttle. I am easing into the clutch too fast at this point and bogging the car on the leave slightly. I feel if I can control the release better, I can drop the 60' times significantly.

Leaving between 2500 and 3000 on the stock radials tends to lead to too much wheelspin for me.

If you are going to run your car at the drags shut off Active handling completely. I had mine in Performance mode. While doing my burnout the car moved a little sideways and the active handling kicked in ( I guess it thought I was in a slide) and shut down my burnout.

I played with the shift points and this is what I was able to determine.

Hitting the rev limiter at all seems cost about .1 seconds in a pass. So if you hit the limiter at all figure it costs you about this much. If you hit it in both the 1-2 and the 2-3 figure .2

Short shifting the car is quite detrimental to quater mile times. I played with a couple of different shift points and found that it seems to run best if you stretch them out right to the limit, but not past.

Third gear seems to be the killer. The car really seems to pull best in this gear. On one pass I short shifted third gear to fourth at about 5000. The car dropped to [email protected] I tried 5500 and the car went a [email protected] So, my advice in this department is to watch the tach in 3rd gear. The car seems to hang a bit at the top of 3rd, but hold 3rd as long as you can it is woth some E.T. I went all the way to 6000 on the 3-4 and the car went a [email protected]

I ran these passes with minimal cooldown and in bad weather to see how it should fare on the street. It appears to me that currently the only real problem in the car so far is with its drivers inability to 60'. So, I think I am going to borrow at set of 16" E.T. Streets for the next go around and see what the car can do if traction is not an issue.

10-22-2001 07:38 PM


Here is my third trip to the track with the car. It ook around 10 passes at the strip to get the lanches figured out.


12.350 @ 114 - Bone stock
I went out to HRP Friday night and made 4 passes on the car. As per the advice of Ranger and some of the other folks I dropped the air pressure in the rears to 22.

My first pass was right off the street with no cooldown. 2.20 60' with a [email protected]

I used the heater to bring down the motor temp (it goes right down to 190).

Next pass I brought the revs up more, and worked on slipping the clutch a little more. 1.97 60' 12.41 @ 112

Next pass I cooled the car again to 190 went up to around 2800-3000 and bogged it slightly coming out off the hole ( still working on the release) the car went a 1.92 60' 12.35 @ 114

Last pass I blew the release and ended up with a 12.88 @ 111

I was impressed however that there is 3-4 mph on the big end depending on the launch. I am interested to see how a lower 60' time helps the cars mph.

Anyhow, thanks to Ranger and everyone else who is posting hints here. My quest is to get it into the 11s with no mods. I may try it first on some drag radials, just to see if it can be done, and then work on doing it on the stock radials.

Anyhow, take care.

11-19-2001 06:09 PM


Next I mounted up a set of ET Streets and took the car to the track in this case, the car finally went into the 11s. Using the ET streets helped me in learning what the cars limits were, and actually helped me do a LOT better on the radials.


11.960 @ 113.52 Bone Stock
Well, I went to HRP this evening on my new ET Streets. I made about 8 passes. There was about 6" of rain yesterday, so the track had been prepped right before rans began. I left at about 3500 and bogged the car and went a 12.22. I went to 4000 and the car bogged and went a 12.10. I was hot-lapping the car and my temps were in the 205 range. I continued to increase the launch rpms until I launched at 5200 rpm and came away with a 1.75 60' [email protected] I was warned by tech that one more 11 sec pass and I would be kicked out. I cooled the car to 190 degrees and went to launch the car at 5500 rpm. It resulted in a 1.69 60' time. But, I hit the rev limiter and blew the run. I came away with a 1.697 60' [email protected] Had I not blown the shifts I feel confident it would have been an 11.91 pass.

And as the title says, the car is bone stock no mods, no filter, no nothing. Just tires...

I will have a scan of the timeslips ready in the next day or so, and I will post them also.

12-15-2001 03:21 AM


Next I decided to go out an work on the radials again. As you can see the ET Streets helped my skills on the stock radials.

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[email protected] on Radials
Well, I had a chance to go out to HRP Sunday for some "instant green" racing.

My car was on Empty, so I debated on whether to go run on the ET streets and run a light fuel load, or whether to top it off for some ballast and run on the stock radials.

Since I had managed to run the 11.96 on the ET streets the last time out, I decided to go work on my radial tire skills.

I was late getting out there, and the track was packed. I was only able to get three passes in.

The first pass I launched the car at about 3000 Rpm and slipped the clutch. The clutch seemed to stick at about 3/4 of the way when I released it. It popped loose towards the top of 1st gear. I had not encountered this before in the Z. I hope this was a one time event, but I will be keeping an eye on this.

The launch RPM seemed to be low, and the car didn't move as hard as I wanted. Also, as usual on my first run, I banged the rev limiter twice. Usually my first run is a total blow off run , and then I get settled down and actually drive like I am supposed to. Instead of like a total goober. The timeslip reflected this.

60' - 1.947
330 -5.233
1/8 - 7.967
mph - 91.13
1000 - 10.298
1/4 - 12.280
mph - 112.35

I decided to weigh the car with a full ( and I mean completely FULL) load of fuel. The car weighed 3150 without me, and 3338 with me.

The next pass, I was in the lanes, and the guy in front wanted to race me. He was driving a mid 90's white Mustang LX. So, I said sure. He also said that he owned a WS6. He and his friends were nice, and we talked for a few minutes.

We staged the cars, he staged last and they dropped the light on us. He got me out of the hole by about a car length. I launced again at around 3000, since I didn't want to go up in smoke against a rustang.

The car launched about the same, maybe a little less. But, the car started to spin towards the end of of 1st and bumped the rev limiter. I had to chop throttle and shift It also wheelhopped a bit as it went into 2nd. By this point I was 1 to 1 1/2 car lengths behing the mustang. In 2nd nothing changed drastically. But when I stuck it in 3rd, the tables turned. I went from 1 length behind to 3 lengths in front. As most folks have noted the car really works in 3rd gear. I was happy that I beat him, but it was definitely not the best pass I ever made.

60' - 1.973
330 - 5.366
1/8 - 8.120
mph - 90.54
1000 - 10.463
1/4 - 12.445
mph - 114.32

The final pass was at the end of the night. I had hot lapped the car back around, and the temperature was around 205 degrees. I went to pull up, to do my burnout, and watched the car in fron of me leave. It was some silly kid in a 85 LX. He spun hard leaving and got completely sideways at the 330' mark and stopped inches from hitting the wall head on. He also took out the timing markers as he slid sideways. This idiot was spinning when he left and should have chopped throttle long before he got sideways. His car was drifting all over the place and probably ran all of a 15.1. They got on the radio after his little stunt and had someone go find him, and throw him out of the track.

Anyhow, they got the track cleaned off, and put in a new reflector, and I finally got to make my pass. They let me make my last pass by myself. I decide to try and raise the launch rpm, since I the night was over. I launched at about 4200. The car launched much better this time. I was able to keep my revs in the 5000 range all the way through 1st. The car didn't feel like it was spinning at all in 1st. The pass felt good all the way until I got to the 3-4 shift. I got greedy trying to stretch 3rd and bumped the limiter. I knew it cost me some time and mph.

Anyhow, I picked up my slip, and I was happy to see that the car had improved.

60' - 1.903
330 - 5.165
1/8 - 7.873
mph - 91.54
1000 - 10.200
1/4 - 12.181
mph - 112.21

Looks like the rev limiter was worth at least 2 mph and I would guess probably a tenth of a second. Anyhow, I am going to try and go next time and see if I can get those radial times into the magical 12.0 - 11.99 range.

Last edited by J-Rod on 01-29-2002 at 08:12 AM

01-28-2002 06:34 PM


I went out the next weekend and made my fastest pass to date. 1.85 -60' / [email protected] I have since gone faster in the 60', but I am having clutch problems (not with it slipping, but with the pedal sticking to the floor). Until that is resolved, I probably will not be getting into the 11.80's. But anyway, my goal for the next few months is to get into the 11.80s or faster on the stock radials.


[email protected] Bone Stock on Radials
Well I went out to HRP this evening for a little instant green action. It was cold and windy tonight the weather shows 7mph, but, think it was closer to 10-15. The temperature was between 48 and 51 degrees when I got there and went down to 45 when I left.

Current Temp: 45 °F
Wind Chill: 41 °F
Wind: north at 7 mph
Humidity: 58%
Dewpoint: 31 °F
Barometer: 30.46 " and rising

The wind was blowing straight down the track, so you were running into a headwind.

My first pass was my usual blow off pass. I launched to hard and the car spun. 2.218 60' - [email protected]

My next pass felt pretty good. Not great, but good. The car launched ok, I hit the rev limikter in 1st, but the rest of the pass was pretty solid. I got pulled over at the timing stand.

60' - 1.915
330 - 5.130
1/8 - 7.777
mph - 93.56
1000 - 10.055
1/4 - 11.992
mph - 114.73

Ok, I was given the warning and sent back to tech for the usual "Don't do that again". Ok, sure

I tried to cool the car down since there wasn't much of a crowd, and I could almost drive right up to the line. I decided that if the pass felt the least bit off, I would abort it, and see if I could get a "good" run in.

I made two more passes. One felt good, but the clutch stuck to the floor again and didn't come off until the car hit the rev limiter in 1st.

It was a 1.919 60' [email protected] on the brakes hard.

The next pass I had the car cool, and then something screwed up on the far end, so I had to sit there with both bulbs on and staged and let the car get hot, and the tires get cold. The car spun so I just coasted down the track.

I brought the car back around the coolant was at 194. The car launched pretty hard for radials, and bumped the rev limiter in 1st. The pass felt solid, so I stayed with it.

When I got to the timing stand I got the usual grief. I went through all the hooplah, and picked up my slip.

60' - 1.852
330 - 5.055
1/8 - 7.709
mph - 93.32
1000 - 9.992
1/4 - 11.933
mph - 114.53

So, I guess its time for a cage either that, or I get 1 or 2 passes per trip to the track.

Anyhow, I met another new Z06 owner Brutus0725 he just traded in his 2000 coupe for a 2002 z06. He was out there with paper tags and running some 12.3s. Which I thought was good for a new car with limited seat time. He was really cool, and I had a good time talking with him. Anyhow, I was pleased to see the car picking up still.

And as always, the car is 100% bone stock down to the paper air filter, and these passes were made on the stock radials.

02-11-2002 02:18 AM


Anyhow, I hope this helps anyone who want to race their stocker. I just wanted to point out, you probably aren't going to go to the track and in your first 3 passes turn an 11.9. Look at me, I sure didn't. It took some seat time and severla passes to get it all down. One thing I would suggest is to go out to the track early and try to get in as many passes as you can. We call this hot lapping. Don't worry about trying to run an 11.99. Just look at your slips. Make sure that every pass your times get better and better. Work on your launches, work on your shift points, etc... If you do 5 or 6 back to back passes you will be amazed at how your times start to drop. One of the things about doing this is doing them in rapid succesion help you get some "muscle memory" so this is more instinctive. One of the things about going to the strip is that many times it is over an hour between passes. By that time, the car may have cooled, but your body has forgotten what it did (right or wrong) on the last pass. Once you have a good technique down you can go to the track and get squared away in 1 or 2 passes.Consider it your crash course in drag racing 101. Doing that will conceivably save you 3 or 4 more trips to the track before you get your technique sorted out.

The only other advice I have is to drop the air pressure. I go with 22 in the rear and 50 in the front. Thats what works for me others have gone anywhere from 25 to 28. But dropping the pressure does work. So, play with that also.

The wheelspin I referred to in my 2nd trip to the track was early on. My experiences with ET Streets helped me get a feel for what
the car would do, and what I needed to be doing with the clutch.

As for the 60' times. The higher I rev it, the lower the 60' times.
My best 60' have been leaving at 4700-5500. Yes, this could be characterized by saying it is probably not condusive to long clutch life. Leaving at 3200-3500 typically gets me in the 1.9s.

For instance the other night, I left at 4700 and cut a 1.75 60'. The only problem as I stated was the clutch stayed glued most of the way down. When I went to pull 2nd I didn't have enough pedal to disengage the clutch. I missed the shift, had to lift off the throttle, and then pull it into second. That pass was a [email protected] So I feel pretty confident it would have been a VERY good pass otherwise.

At this point my car is still 100% stock. I went 114.52 through the stock airfilter,etc... with the restrictive (although somewhat better) 2002 cover in place. My mph seems to show about a 1-2 mph improvement by pulling the cover off and leaving the just the frame around the filter, but simply wire tied into place. As I said, I hope to be testing as soon as I have my clutch woes resolved. I think my next point of attack is to flip the box over and have it have a better shot at the incoming air. I think this may be beneficial. I simply have to get a piece of hose to run over to the other side of the box to relocate the breather hose which is plumbed into the box on the driver's side. I could just drill a hole in the passenger side, relocate it, and put a grommet in the old hole, but I prefer to leave it as stock as possible.

I had posted a compilation of this in another forum, but thought that the information might be helpful to some of you also. So excuse me if you have already seen this "elsewhere".

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Nice job of logging everything. I'm not into the drags as I was when I was in my teens. But I still learned a lot. Powershifter might talk me into it at some point. I'll be sure to reread this. Thanks! :cheers: :cheers:


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I really enjoyed reading that...

My best is a 12.6 and I'm not proud of it.. I think I've done better on the street than I have on the track.. I really want a low 12 (.1-.2) would have me thrilled!

I have tried some high rev launches... with some slip and found that they do seem to work (as you stated!)... on a 4200 RPM launch, how long do you slip for... do you just kinda pop it up into that "I'm biting" place and let it rest their for a half second or so then pull it all the way out??? Just curious.

Do you do your 1-2 shift gently when on the stock radials??? At the one track (4.5 hours away), I don't have to worry about this shfit... on the close track (.5 hours away), 1-2, and 2-3 are tire spinners.


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Excellent summary J-Rod! Nice to see the improvements as you diagnosed each run and made corrections. We can all learn from your post! Thanks! :cheers:

Zippy :z: :z:

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Being the new owner (2 weeks)of a 2003 Z06, I really appreciate your information.

I am really looking forward to running it this Spring/Summer here in Washington State!

Like others, I have had some fast hot rods, etc in my life, but this sucker takes the cake!!

Thanks again.

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This is a fairly old thread. But the "how and why's" of drag racing the Z06 seem to come up from time to time. So, I figured I'd give it a bump.

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Wow -- for those of us new to the sport/car and in the high 12's, I salute you!



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some folks have asked how I ran my times. This thread is a good explanation... Its old, but I am bumping it up in case folks may not have seen it.
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