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I had a "Check Engine" light come on over the weekend and I knew there was a way to get the code with the DIC. I checked the manual with no luck so I called the guys at DRM. Tim is great to help me with any questions I have and he sent me the following directions. I thought some of you might also like to know how to get your codes.

Accessing Trouble Codes:

1. The ignition switch must be in the "Run" position. The engine does not need to be running.

2. Push "Reset" to clear display message on the instrument panel (ie. door ajar etc...) The display does not need to be blank to access codes in the next step.

3. Push and continue to hold the "Options" button.

4. Push "Fuel" rapidly 4 times. This will put the system into diagnostics mode.

5. Release all buttons and push "Options" again to put the system into manual diagnostics mode.

6. The first system to appear in the display will be "PCM". This is usually where the trouble is. The display will also indicate the quantity of codes existing for that particular system; for example "4 Codes". To read the code, push the "options" button again and the code will be displayed.

7. To clear the codes, push and hold "Reset" within the code group. In a few seconds, the codes will clear, and the display will read "No Codes", unless a code still exists.

8. To check the next system, push "Options". You can either clear codes or go to the next system by repeating steps 7-8.

9. Once the end of the list has been reached, either turn the ignition off, or push the "E/M" button to terminate diagnostics.

I'm going to give it a try tonight, so we'll see! :p
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