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I searched this forum and others to find solutions the problem I have with my 2002 Z06.

Most who have my symptoms also have faults codes to aide troubleshooting.

Just had a 3.73 Quaife installed. While in there, the mechanic replaced the rear ball joints, shocks, wheel bearings, brakes, and torque tube bearings/bushings.
After the work was done I noticed some odd active handling behaviors:
1) Active handling would take a while to warm up in the morning.
2) When merging to the left at low speed and light throttle, I could feel the right rear wheel lock up briefly. Sometimes that tire would chirp. Higher speed and more throttle makes for a scary ride.
3) With hard straight line acceleration, The rear end seems to float like it can't make up its mind where to put the power. Maybe because I am making small steering adjustments.
4) No fault codes.
5) It happens pretty fast so I don't get a chance to see if an active handling DIC message is displayed.
6) The problems mentioned in 2 and 3 above go away when I turn off active handling.

What should I check to help solve this problem?


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From what I can recall, these types of problems occurred when the wheel sensors were malfunctioning. The Body Control Module (BCM) expects the same RPM input from all 4 tires while driving. If one tire or more does not deliver the proper input, the BCM will apply brake pressure to the other wheels to help correct what it perceives as a car out of control.
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