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For a limited time only.

Those of you who have been around the Adam's Polishes line for awhile remember we had a product some years back called Adam's Clear Polish & Protectant. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a product that was ahead of its time, not selling as quickly as we had hoped and eventually it was discontinued.

When it left, fans of this vinyl specific polish and protectant were disappointed to see it go. The formula is unique in that its perfect for lightly polishing clear protective films and gloss vinyl surfaces to remove light imperfections and leave behind a layer of protection to prevent yellowing and oxidation.

Recently a company involved in the clear protective film industry asked us to do a production run for them of the product and we were happy to oblige. This left us with about 500 extra bottles, which we are now offering up for our customers. If the popularity proves to be there this is a product we may bring back into a regular production schedule.

If you have a clear bra or gloss vinyl stripes/wrap on your car Adam's Clear Polish & Protectant is a must have!

CLICK TO ORDER Adam's Clear Polish & Protectant

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