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Thank you for your input here on our forum, for your calls, and emails! You are not happy about inventory shortages, back-orders, and out-of-stock items. We got the message, loud and clear!

Fact is, we find ourselves spending a ton of time, money, and resources handling these shortages. Back-orders are literally killing us, and we need to stop them from happening!

As a small company that sells nearly all USA made products, we work with some small manufacturers. We now find that our customers want to buy more product than some of our manufacturers can make and ship in a timely manner.

We also have experienced a higher than acceptable return and/or fail rate on some products.

For those reasons, we are going to streamline our product line, removing items that we cannot keep in stock due to supply problems, and those that are not up to our standards.

We also intend to keep one product in our line for every purpose, removing products that do not receive GLOWING feedback!

Stay tuned for a few updates, and thanks again for your open, honest feedback. I want Adam's to always be a company that acts on feedback from you, our loyal customer that keeps us in business!

Thanks very much, and any questions will be answered quickly and openly.

Just as a note:

If you click add to cart and it says "Quantity requested exceeds quantity on hand", this product is no longer available. All sales on discontinued products are final, no returns or exchanges on discontinued items.

Click below to start shopping, and don't forget your forum code for even more savings!!

Adam's Discontinued Product Sale!!
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