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AH malfunction while doing 80-95...

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I was just driving on the freeway a little more aggressive than usual commutting and when I hit 3rd to 4th, the AH came on the DIC and said "System Error" /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif or something and then said "TC On" but the TC light was on too. So I just hit the AH button and everything went back to normal. Took it easy home.

It seems like everything is OK, but will this happen again....when I need it..?

Has this happen to anyone else?
Should I take her in?

Thanks everyone.
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I think the AH will save more of us than it hurts and feel that I would always want it on except in certain rare track circumstances. I have purposely overdriven my Z in a curve to assure myself it was functioning properly and my Z was pleasantly corrected in a subtle manner. I personally can not reach out and touch one wheel brake as it can. My only trepidation is that I am trusting a $.35 fuse with my fenders and perhaps my life. But them I do that everytime I drive with my tires, brakes, steering, etc. Try skydiving if you want the ultimate in technology trust.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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