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Alarm Question

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Hey guys I was talking to the sales manager at my dealership and he was telling me to be very careful when installing an alarm in these cars.He was telling me something about it has something like 3 computers that interact with each other and an alarm would probably cause some problems.I like to hear from you guys on this matter.Thanks.
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You mean you're gonna let the car out of your sight!? Yikes!

No NO NO....I will be with it the whole time(I'll sleep with it).I just need to know if my above post is true and what to do.Thanks again.

2001 Torch Red Z06
I think I am gonna like you guys....but not in that type of way:)

On 2001-07-22 15:03, GaryZ06 spewed forth this drivel:
I think I am gonna like you guys....but not in that type of way /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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I don't know if you need one. Everyone ignores the alarms around here. The Vette security is pretty good unless an unscrupulous dealer clones the keys and drives it away.
Clifford G4....No Problems, but use a professional installer! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif They will need to over-ride the "old" Pass Key II protection, but that technology is old and really sucks!

You will be really happy if you also install Auto Start....It Is Really /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif
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Hi there,
I really do not agree here, for the following reasons.
First, Passkey2 is defiantely older technology, however, it still works. Theft of Corvette statistics, which is monitored by the NHSTA, shows that of all sports cars, Corvette has the lowest theft rate.
Second, communication with the BCM is critical here, as not only does the computer look for the signal, if only once, it doesnt see it, it could lock your column.
While the unit mentioned by our member here is a very good one, I caution against it, as you really dont need it.
Yes, there are 3 systems that work within c5 to safeguard you vehicle. Yes, they are extremely sensitive. And I cannot justify the cost of having your interior opened up for this.
Best to you, c4c5
My experience with alarms is that they are moe trouble than help. Not only that, the anti-theft the Z already has is more than adequate.
A good Thief would just punch thru the side louver and cut the positive cable No battery-No alarm.....
except when the alarm has a battery backup....

in C4's there is a retrofit of a steel plate between the panel and the battery to stop that...
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