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Almost ready after two years!!!

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So I bought the 09 Z06 in March 2021, the engine was making a ticking noise and the rebuilt motor which had only 5,000 miles had to be taken apart.
Spun rod bearings.
Thank you JEP AUTOMOTIVE for finding the issue and rebuilding this monster motor. It’s finally ready to be smogged and put on the road.
The vinyl stripes deteriorated and left the paint with ghost stripes from the adhesion.

so another 2 weeks, that’s fine.
Forged motor, balanced rotating assembly, resleeved block from Redline, CNC’d heads, ported/polished tb, this motor was bought this way.
I had to make it smog legal so factory cam was put back in, and there you go.
Smog legal in CA. Stock tune was flashed. Factory exhaust manifolds and brand new cats.
Previous owner put in a 3-row aluminum radiator in it, ZR1 dual clutch, iForged wheels 19x10 fronts 19x12 rears. Also LGMotorsports Coilover setup with adjustable shocks as it was a track car.
Corsa muffler installed too.

The paint needs to be corrected, you can see the imperfections due to the stripes.


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Good for you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when finished.
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