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This is open to all American Muscle Cars. Mustangs, Cobras, Lightnings, F-bodies, Vettes, Turbobuicks, GTOs, Vipers, SRT Dodges... You name it you'll see it and be able to line up next to it.

This is for American Cars only, please leave your "Civics" at home. We have LVD rented for 85 cars from 10-3:00pm with side by side racing with a good prepped track. You’ll be able to get as many runs as you want as the staging lanes are usually empty after the first hour.

Event date: Friday, October 7th, 2005

Event time: Gates open at 8:00am. Registration begins at 9:00 am.

Event location: Lebanon Valley Dragway, Lebanon Valley, NY

How much: $73 ($33 deposit via PayPal, $40 due at the track). ***** You MUST Pre-Register!! *****


Please let me know if you have any questions! My email address is [email protected]

Thanks!! :zboobie:
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