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As an FYI, I have very limited time right now and haven't been as responsible in checking onto the forum as I should or want to be. That said, I do get emails when I am PM'd and answer those daily, so if you have questions, please PM me.

The question I get most often is how to order. Although I do stock product, the least expensive way for most of my customers is to order directly from AMSOIL, using reference 1206638 to credit the sale to my dealership, thus benefiting my dealership and the forum. If I ship to you, I'm effectively paying shipping twice, once from AMSOIL to me, then me to you. Much better to skip one of those.

These links should be helpful:
AMSOIL Ordering Information
AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program (Save about 25% on retail prices)
AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide

And for those with retail stores or that use lubricants in their business:
AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Accounts
AMSOIL Commerical Accounts
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