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AMSOIL just released a new low viscosity transmission fluid. Not suitable for our manual trannies, but FYI for those that may have newer GM vehicles with automatic transmissions that specify Dexron VI:
AMSOIL Low Viscosity Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATL)

For the manual trannies in our Z06s, AMSOIL has two fluids:
AMSOIL Torque-Drive Synthetic Transmission Fluid (ATD)

AMSOIL recommends the ATD over the ATF and I swapped my daily driver 06 CTS-V to the ATD earlier this year. Of note, I couldn't tell the difference between it and the ATF that was in it. Also of note, they recently increased the viscosity of the ATF from 6.8 to 7.6 cSt at 212F and removed its recommendation for Dexron VI applications. I feel that either of these fluids is still an excellent choice for our transmissions, but now recommend the ATD for the track as it has no viscosity modifiers and thus is totally shear stable. :cheers:
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