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Well it happened again.. Two weeks ago I got these same codes, filled up with gas and the light went off. Read enough threads figured gas cap might have been loose. Then I downloaded codes (this forum is great!) and discovered that might not have been the problem. I didn't worry about it since no light came back on until today.

Today, I had the oil changed: Installed UPF44, Red Line 10 - 30 and magnetic drain plug. Then about 30 miles later I parked for about 30 minutes or so and when I got back in the check engine light was on and reserve fuel appeared in DIC even though I had 1/4 tank. :-?

I shut it off and waited a few minutes, then started, fuel level was fine and no reserve message, but check engine still on? Went to gas station, filled up, check engine still on? I checked codes, here they are.

These three codes are in the DIC:
PCM P0171 H (Fuel Trim System Lean bank 1-B)
PCM P0174 H (Fuel Trim System Lean bank 2-B)
IPC U1160 H (Loss of Communications with LDCM)

I have no idea what these mean? Does this have anything to do with the Halltech maybe? Should I be concerned and can I drive it until Monday when I will bring to dealer? Thanks for your help.

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Silicone Connection

It is probably the silicone connection. When I installed it, I tried a new install technique whereby I connected the MAG directly over the throttle body.

The Silicone connector must have some of its material over the TB in order to seal the MAG. I have seen two out of 80 T-1 sold that have had this code.

The T-1 requires 20% more fuel trim in most of the 17 fuel cells to readjust to stoichiometric. The tolerance built into the PCM is 23% additional fuel, at which point it thinks that there must be a leak. If the stock airbox had that much new airflow, there would be.

What is interesting, is that GM allowed that much tolerance for unexpected air. They must have decided to let the aftermarket do its thing. Unexpected fuel will trip the rich code at only 10%.


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