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Another Conspiracy Theory...This time...Rotors

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I noticed in the SCCA GCR's in the Touring class that "Alternate Rotors" are indicated in the Z06 Tech Spec Line. Since they carry GM Part Numbers I was curiuos as to the difference between them and the stock Z06's. Are these ones "race cut" or cryo'd or heat treated. Are they the same size.

One little birdy told me the only difference is the listed ones are made in the US and the Stock ones are made in Brazil and will fall apart under severe use. He suggested taking the listed ones and having them cryo'd and if the rules allow "ball milling" them and slotting them. I asked about cross drilling and he advised not to as they will stress crack and come apart. The stock ones will do that on their own with out any help at all!

What are your thoughts Y2K?
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The GM H/D rotors are the way to go.All the T1 and factory test mules use them and at $81 a piece you cannot go wrong-Drilled-Slotted rotors on a C5 are for looks only. Be sure to change out the rubber lines and go to braided lines,GM rubber lines soak up moisture and cause bubbles. Use only Ford H/D brake fluid or Weldwood Brand Fluid. Many good pads to pick from--you will find the GM H/D and Hawk pads to work out just fine
For what it is worth, I completely Disagree. These rotors are different in that they are HEAVIER and THICKER, which is a bad thing for racing. And they cost twice as much. I buy my oem rotors for $46 each, and I replace them every other weekend due to thermal cracking. A heavier rotor will do little to help that problem, and will only add to unsprung weight.

Hey Guys,

I've read many posts that refer to replacement of rotors on a regular basis (i.e. Every other weekend). I've also been at track events where C5 guys were desperate in the pits due to brake/rotor failure after ONE SESSION. So I have what may seem to be a stupid question regarding the use of OEM rotors for racing. Here goes:

How much do you spend each season on rotors and pads? I mean, if you're replacing them after every other weekend that at least $300 to $400 (4 * $50 for rotors and extra for pads). Or that's $200 per weekend. That seems terribly expensive to me as I typically drive 22 to 25 weekends a season and that would be $4,000 to $5,000 on brakes. AND, I'm not considering the amount of time you (or someone else) spends tinkering on the car. And the constant fear-factor of fading the stock brakes.

Some of you know that I make brakes but the questions here aren't related to a sales pitch. I want to understand the thought process behind sticking with stock brakes for club racing. I realize that some of you guys are racing classes where stock are required but the rules have become flexible now to include rotor size upgrades where you can keep ABS.

Anyway, I club race regulary and don't like working on my brakes all the time and especially at the track. So I don't have to do this I have built big brakes. The set that are currently on my car have been on three different cars. My 2000 FRC, 2001 Z06 and my newest 2001 Z06 and am now on my third set of PFC pads. Last year I drove 22 Viper days events on tracks like Gingerman, VIR, MidOhio, TWS, Motorsport Ranch and had times that where in the 80% so you can definitely know that I'm using the car. I stopped counting at 7000 hard track miles and other than a pre-weekend checkup I typically don't do brake work at the track.

So like I mentioned, this isn't a sales pitch, but rather a query for information. I would like to understand the justifications you use because in some (not all) cases it seems to make more $$$ sense to buy upgraded brakes.

Any information would be appreciated.
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I just checked out your website. You have quite a line up. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif
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Thanks Frank,

We've been at this a long time and have put some effort and $$$ behind the offerings. We feel like they're some of the best alternatives you can get and we test them at the track to prove it.

Our newest line of brakes are the "Stock Style Replacements" and are designed to be direct replacements for factory and also provide larger diameters. If you looked at the pictures you'll notice the rear C5 rotors are of the light weight two peice design but STILL HAVE A PARKING BRAKE! You could compare these to the Baer Eradispeeds that are a few months from release. Ours is truly a 4 wheel kit, however, the Baer's only use two peice rotors in the front and heavy OEM replacements in the rear. You can buy a race oriented version of the rotors for around $1,400 which actually prices them less than Baers.

We're in the process of redoing the website to contain all of the information surrounding FAQ's, technical information, pictures etc. and will be focusing on the brakes and road racing products. I have a wing, carbon fiber front splitter, and double adjustable coil over shocks going on my Z06 shortly. These may be cool additions that will provide upwards of 750 lbs of downforce to the car. Oh yeah, I'll have machined aluminum harness bars available soon too!

Also, check out the Twin Turbo Viper on the front cover of MotorTrend. Hennessey has opted for our brake packages over Brembo and Alcon. They put them on all of their cars.

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Dave, you've got mail!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

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Dave, I might be in the market for some brake upgrades sometime in the future. I'm really wondering if I bought the rotor upgrade would I be able to put the wilwood calipers on those rotors, or would I have to get the whole package?

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