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My Mother-in-law is an extremely young 78 years old. I don't like to let her set too much since the death of her husband, Bobby... So this morning I took her out to breakfast.

Her eyes lit up and she was commenting on how great it was for me to bring the Vette. We turned on an "old" country music station for her, the kind that plays Little Jimmy Dickens, Tammy Wynette, etc. No big deal, I can listen to that music as well.

We ended up at Denny's where the young ladies all like me, they came up and were introduced to Mom. They flirted with me just as shamelessly as when I'm there by myself.:)

We had a great breakfast, lots of coffee and talk about her plans. Then I paid the bill and we left. Getting off the overpass onto the highway was a bit of a chore. Too little space and too many 18 wheelers and SUVs ... (Soccer Farmers?)

I had to punch it to get merged safely, and scoot around some of the SUVs that had the merge lane blocked up. I inadvertently got up to about 110 mph! Gulp! Sudden fearful realization that I was:

a) Not only not alone!
b) Was with my Sainted Mother-in-law!

She's so funny. She was watching the speedometer as well as traffic. She had a great big Sh*t-eatin' grin on her face, and said,
"IIIi LIke to go FAST!!!":lol:

She's so cool... I started in on her about maybe buying a new Vette for herself. She didn't say "NO"! Hmmmmm ...

Every guy should be so lucky as to have a Mother-in-law like that!

I know where her daughter got it from now. She's like having a good buddy to hang out with... Gotta Love It!

Remind me one day to share the story of my flipping a bird at someone when she was riding with me! :D
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