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I was going to post a thread on how impressed I was with the Adams polish and wax, but there are already multiple post to that effect. I would add a few things to consider:
I chose the product because it does not stain rubber or plastic (most products do and if you don't tape the car off, it gets ugly after a while). and it has a filler in the wax. Also it offers UV protection. I have a black car and gave up a long time ago thinking I could buff the swirls and spider webs out of it. You will run out of patience and clear coat after a while. I used a PC Dual Action Buffer, sprayed the pad with detail spray to apply the polish and wax. (I feel sorry for anyone who does not have one of these. Go to Maquires web site and watch the vid on how to use it if you are interested).

If you have a black vet, you know how hard it is to get those bug splatters out on the front. I use Adams Scratch remover on a small lambswool pad on an Orbital buffer and wiped off the residue using a pad with polish on it as directed. This worked great for taking the bug spots out.
Under full daylight and flourescent garage lights the swirls and spider webs are gone and the shine is as good as any I've ever seen on a black car.
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