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I know this question gets asked a lot and I did some searchs but there quite a few and in the intrest of saving some time I'll just ask for some suggestions to fit my driving style.

My F1 are about shot they are pushing 27K and we worn them bald on the outside edges (gee I wonder how that happended?). Anyway I'm looking for some replacments, I use it mostly for a daily driver but we do AutoX and Road Course race it on occasion. My daughter is main race driver although I do also I'm not up to her standards she can really push the car and holds alot of the ladies speed records in our Corvette club and she's running right up there with most of the guys to she very aggressive and competive a lot more than me. I'm more into drag racing so I'm going to be looking for some recommondations on stock size drag radails also. I'm looking for a replacement for the F1's that will give me good all weather use and match or exceed the F1 on the track. I know they make runflats in these sizes but I don't know if they would work for what we want. With her new job and other stuff this might be the last summer she will be able to drive so I told her I would reshoe the car and try to upgrade if I could. We put about 10-12K on a year so we do use it and with fuel prices the way they are I'm probably going to be using it more!


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