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Any body install GM 12 CD Changer and Harness yet?

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Now that I have Nate's Partition, The stero is not so bad except for the doors rattling like crazy. So I might keep it for a while.

Has anybody installed the GM 12 Disk CD Changer and harness in their Z? Any ideas and/or tips for the install? How difficult is it to access the back of the head unit??

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks


Torch Red/Mod Red 2001 Z06
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When I installed my power antenna, the three wire connector for the wiring harness to CD changer was present. Located in the right front passenger floor look for the connector after removing plastic door moldings near floor. Finally figured out what it was from the diagrams in the service manual. I believe it was taped to another set of wires.
It is the power antenna that comes with the vert. Check the tech tips for installation instruction.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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