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any luck obtaining discounts off MSRP on O2's ???

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Just, wondering if anyone was able to cut a deal for less than MSRP. Best I was able to find $1000 off.

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Snake, I have my order in for a 2002 Quicksilver/Mod Torch... order request DHHSC. I placed an order on July 15, 2001 for the same vehicle at the same dealer. My friend and fellow registry member Bob Hardt placed his order at the same time with the same salesman. We both got $4000 off MSRP! Our salesman had no idea what a Z06 was, and sold them to us accordingly. Well, Bob got his Z in December of last year while my order hit several snags. To make a long story short, my dealer reluctantly agreed to order my 2002 for the exact same price they had agreed on the 2001... and this was even before the two additional price increases. So now my 2002 will only cost me a bit over $45000 including museum delivery and all applicable taxes and fees. I can't believe the deal I am getting, but think about waiting for over a year on this baby! Three months and counting now...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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