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anybody's exhaust change color?

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When the news of the titanium exhaust was coming out one of the things that was often referred to was the way that the metal would change to a rainbow like coloration as it was exposed to the heat. So far mine has not changed at all. Anybody notice any change? Maybe the guys who race and really heat things up for long periods can see a change.

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Mine still look new.

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I have noticed no change yet

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I just let mine run for about 30 minutes to temp. - No change that I could see!

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I think you nailed it. They probably have to get a lot of heat built up for any discoloration to occur. Of course, I haven't crawled under to see if the color of the pipes behind the 'verts have changed!

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Yea, and I don't think it's a permanent thing. But you'd have to get it pretty damn hot.

I noticed my exhaust changed alot today. I washed about a 1/4" of salt and road grime off my Speedway tips. Look good now
, but we are expecting about a 1/4" of freezing rain tomorrow.

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Mine changed from a titanium color to a stainless steel color. The shape also changed from round to speedway tips. I guess all the speculation is true.


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The only place I really see any color change is where the welds are..those areas seem to have some pretty colors.

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