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Anyone have Mellinium Yellow touched up/repaired?

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Hey all,

Long story short: Heard a loud bang to the right side of my car while driving the other night, pulled over to check for damage, saw none, was glad, then washed the car today, and found 4 scrapes/gouges from whatever DID hit my rocker panel that night...


Well, I'm going to have it repaired, but I'd just like to feel more "comfortable" that MY can be repaired/repainted without too many ill effects. That is, I'm worried about the "tint coat" that went on at the factory, and I'm worried that the special paint process won't be able to be duplicated properly. Are the paint and the tint codes readily available, and will my (competent) body shop be able to do this repair properly?

Or is this really not a big deal? The area's small, and down low -- but I know it's there, and... Well, I'm just really concerned about having this come out right.

I'm just looking for some encouragement at this point, as the fact that I need to get a body repair done already really burns me up.

Thanks, folks!

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I just had a Spectreworks Group 5 rear facia put on the Z. I went to look at it on friday and the paint just seems a little off. In some light it looked perfect and in other light it looked off. When I go to pick it up this week I will take the time to go over it real well and will get back to you
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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