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Anyone move his WHEEL WEIGHTS to the inside of the rims? Questions...

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Hey folks,

The more I look at it (them), the more I realize that I just shouldn't be looking at wheel weights on these Z06 rims. I guess I'd like to move 'em to the inside of the rims. Couple of questions...

- When you had them removed from the outside, were the wheels scarred/chipped? (My car was built in the last week of Jan, and has been driven 15 times or so since taking delivery. Can I expect the paint to be hurt under the weights, or should they be ok still?)

- What's this process cost? And can/should any shop do this?

- Is there much chance that the balancing won't be "as right" as it is now? (The wheel balancing feels very good from the factory.)

Thanks, folks! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

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I believe you can have a shop put the weight on the inside but I don't think you can do it yourself as putting the weights on the inside right across from where they were outside may change the balance. However, anyone who does that must be very careful and experienced! I had the chromed wheels on my Firebird balanced last week and the mechanic ripped off a piece of chrome when taking off the weight. I had to go back to the dealer to have them order a new rim for me. Also, these cars usually don't require wheel balancing. I'd leave it the way it is from the factory if I were you.
KMeloney, you'll have to check if the weight you put back can stay firmly on the wheel. I was watching a mechanic do wheel balancing on my car and he used new weights after he removed the old ones.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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