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I know GM changed the pistons (and rings) for the 2002 Z06. The piston/cylinder clearance was reduced, and the piston skirts where coated with and anitfriction coating to prevent scuffing. This was to cure the "cold piston knock" that the LS1/LS6 engine platform was infamous for.

So my question is -- has anyone who previoulsly owned an earlier model C5, and was familiar with the cold piston knock noise and now has an 02 Z, can you tell if the knock is gone?

My car was one of the last ones made. I had that problem on a car a few years ago so I know what it sounds like, so I know I don't have cold-piston knock noise.

I hope I have the rings. I used about a 1/2 quart of oil in 1324 miles, but I only have 2500 miles on the car now. I changed the oil at 1800.

Getting dyno'd on Monday.
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