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Approx. 130 2002 Z06s A year!!

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That is our Allocation for 2002 Z06s witch means great deals and very quick delv. Great customer service, strait forward ans. to your questions, Delv. any where in the nation. All at below MSRP!! Many Forum members have placed orders with me, contact me and find out why.:D
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Rick, My dad and I called and wrote a few emails to somebody down there a while back, seems like it was a girl, Monica maybe? But I think we will probably get in touch with you when the time comes to order up the Torch red/Black Z06 :) Thanks man

I will look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.:D
Rick, as my dad wants the Z06, and will obtain one soon, I am kinda wanting a new Camaro SS. My question, I know your at Maxie Price, do you all sell SS Camaros? Any in stock, getting any of the 35th anniverary ones? Just curious. Prices etc. Only 6spd though of course. Hehe Thanks again man!! :-D
Andy I do have one SS in stock. It is Burnt Orange and is an Automatic. We don`t get many SS because we sell so many Vettes people most of the time just step up to one of them.:D
Andy I think if you are wanting to buy an SS, which I was planning on getting one in a couple of months. But I decided that I was going to save my money and just wait 6 more months or so and get a 2002 Z06. My suggestion to you is save up more money for a big down payment and you and your dad order yours at the same time.

Just my .02 :D :z:
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