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April 18th, Nelson Ledges RR Course. Garettsville (Warren), OH.

Below is N/L description of these events. It answers alot of the questions people have about attending.

440 548-8551
Nelson Ledges Road Course
10342 State Route 305
Portage County
Garettsville, Ohio 44231

"We've created a program that will run throughout the 2002
Season for individuals to experience the thrill of "On Track" Driving.

"All you have to do is register and bring your car to the track for
a one,two, or three day program. Once you've completed the basic instructions you'll be assigned an instructor to go out with you and teach you how to safely navigate the high speed, 2 mile,
13 turn Nelson Ledges Road Course. Later on, you'll be allowed
to solo your way around this challenging venue.

"And, here's the best part...This is not a once in a lifetime opportunity!

"We've structured the program to be, fun, economical, AND scheduled enough event time that you'll be able to come back
on a regular basis and REALLY hone your skills.

"The Fundays are perfect for clubs and groups that want to have a track day without the hassle of setting up the rental, insurance, and all that goes with it. All you have to do is call us (at the track # above) and let us know how many are going to be attending and we'll send you the paperwork. Fill it out, send it back, and get ready to have the "on-track" time of your life!!!

You'll be divided into groups of like abilities and experience. Each group gets a 20 minute session on track, and for beginners, classroom time when you're off-track. Usually, there are 3 groups,
so you'll be on track 20 minutes out of each hour.

The Concession Stand will be open for all events, so all you need to bring is your car and yourself. You'll need a helmet (Snell approved motorcycle is OK). Convertables MUST have a roll bar.
Wear comfortable clothes with a long sleeve shirt and light shoes with rubber soles (sneakers are fine).

Have your car thoroughly checked out by your mechanic for brakes, brake lines, hoses, cooling system, tires, and vital fluids, including power steering system. Under Track Conditions belts and hoses DO BREAK, so don't take a chance on missing your track time with a broken part.

$100 per day
Track open at 9 am, on track 10 am to 4:00

First timers are required to take the classroom sessions
and ride with an instructor, then instructor will OK for solo.
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