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A friend asked me to forward this message to the Z06 forum. If you are interested, email him at [email protected]
Please do not email me about this. thanks!

Hi, as some of you may know, I am the original designer and current engineering consultant for Hurst's C4 shifter. Hurst is also about to release a C5 shifter as well.
I have not previously worked with this project, and currently have no information about it. However, Hurst is in need of a test install for this shifter ASAP and being that I have installed many C4 test units, I'm going to do the C5 tests too. This test is not to evaluate the shifter but rather to verify hardware, instructions, and interfacing for a production unit.

I need a 6 spd C5 in Atlanta- this weekend for a couple hours. Shifter price is $120 installed. Please email me direct if you are interested. Please forward this message if you know of anyone in the area. thanks,

Chris Rinehart
Atlanta, GA
[email protected]
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