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Atlanta Auto Show

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Saw the C6Z at the Atlanta auto show--no pix, sorry. A tall blonde was doing the narration. She seemed quite knowledgeable and reminded me that Dave Hill said tracking this car would not void the warranty. Clearly, they think the new Z has been built to take it!

The car was the yellow version--oh, for a silver or black. The Z still looked nice, but not my favorite color. Heck, even the Ford GT was yellow with black stripes! It is the year for yellow.

The XLR-V looked good, too, but not for the almost 100K they are supposed to ask for the car (The spokesbabe said it will sticker between 78 and 100K, ahem). They will sell very few at this price point. I am not sure what Cadillac is doing here except trying to brag about having such a car in the lineup. If GM wants to sell at this price point, they need a new brand that doesn't carry Cadillac's negative baggage as an old-folks car that wallows and rides like a marshmellow. Its prestige has been badly tarnished over the years and the 20-40 year old set generally wouldn't be caught dead in one.

The STS-V looked great, too--in black.

Wanted to see the new baby Aston, but only the big fella was there. It is truly beautiful.

All in all, a fun car show, but after the drama at LA and Detroit, rather mundane.
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That show girl was Kelly! A real knock out!And she is very informed on the corvettes! Saw her in NY.
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